Vibration Platform Machine

The Intervention That YOU’VE Been Looking For

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, life will happen. Especially when you least expect it. Most people don’t walk around carrying crystal balls that will predict the future. You just simply can never know what curve balls will be thrown at you.

Maybe you were born with it, maybe you were in an accident that changed your life forever. Maybe you’ve just never been serious about your health and you’re finally ready to take action. You could be an athlete looking to amplify your workout. Or maybe because of what you’ve been diagnosed with working out is the last thing you want to do because of the fear of being in MORE pain.


If any of the above describes you there is something that you should know. There is hope for you. It doesn’t matter what predicament life has put you in. Change is on the way and has already begun because YOU are searching for answers. You are ready to make a change.

How Does Whole Body Vibration Work?

Whole body vibration works on two levels. The first level is exposing a body part to a vibrating platform and receiving the vibrations that transfer from the contact. The vibrations shake the body. As you probably know, when the body is shaking there is a potential increase in blood circulation. It also can increase mobilization and improve muscle tone.

Another factor with using a vibrational platform is that it can dampen the pain information in the body. Electrical stimulation provides alternative information into the body so that the brain can’t perceive pain as much. Additionally, as you start to use vibration therapy it will increase your body awareness while leads to better balance.

The second level on how whole body vibration works deals with the mechanism that can only be achieved through a platform system that delivers a medium to high level of acceleration. As the platform is moving, it’s going in an upward direction. It’s through that upward motion that you can place force on the body. When the machine is performing properly and the force is high enough it will trick the body into believing that it exists in a place where there is more gravity.

Please watch this 3-minute video before purchasing a vibration machine.

The same thing happens when you add more weight to the body like ankle weights for example. When we add weight we change our bodies mass. Our brain believes we are heavier and is more ready to change and adapt. This is the same thing that is happening when using a vibration platform. The element of gravity is being used to speed up the process of the rate at which you grow muscle and adapt to find balance.

In our world today, most people are doing more sitting and laying than ever before which in turn convinces our the brain that we live in a world where there is minimal gravity. A lot of the major issues that we are dealing with, such as circulatory problems, are essentially due to the lack of being exposed to an adequate amount of gravity. To able to have a machine that is capable if stimulating gravity is a major step in combating this issue and will have a superb effect on your overall fitness goals.

How Will Whole Body Vibration Benefit Me?

There are 500 plus studies over the wide range of benefits. Generally speaking, it varies depending on the user.

Primarily, whole body vibration is benefiting people as a way to achieve optimal fitness. Increased speed performance, improvement in muscle strength, increased bone density and also has shown to improve body composition. The lymphatic system will more efficiently move the fluid in your body which is beneficial to your immune system.

People are also using vibration therapy for illnesses, pain syndromes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, weight loss and cerebral palsy just to name a few. The benefits are different according to each individual’s specific health-related issue.

Is Whole Body Vibration New?

In the late 1800’s vibrating chairs were used to treat Parkinson’s Disease. At the time it wasn’t under that name but was called
“tremor syndrome”.

The Russians were the first to look at vibrations for muscle and bone stimulation in the form of a pulley. The pulley actually vibrated. Whole body vibration in the form of using a platform originated in Germany in the mid-1990s. This was created by a company called The Galileo. For a long time, people have known of the power of vibrations and how it can be beneficial for health.

What Speed Should I Have The Vibration Machine Set To?

Depending on what your goals are with using a vibrational platform the answer may vary. 22 hearts and greater will achieve the maximum amount of muscle stimulation. In order to stimulate the most amount of muscle which will yield the greatest changes in body composition, you want to work at the highest frequencies.

What Can An Overweight Person Expect When First using WBV?

Each individual is different and has different lifestyles so it varies from person to person. Typically the most obese individuals will see the quickest results. Studies show that it takes between 6 to 12 weeks of training for 3 days a week before an individual will see results. In the case that a person is eating healthier and doing well with stress management, they could expect to see results at a much quicker rate. After about a month most people report positive changes with how they feel.

Will I Lose Weight In 10 Minutes By Doing WBV?


Let’s be real. There is nothing on earth that will cause you to lose weight in 10 minutes unless you plan on getting super drunk and vomiting all of your organs out. (yuck)

This video beautifully explains how Whole Body Vibration works.

On a serious note, with a proper vibration platform, you will be putting a strong amount of force on the body, very similar to the number of forces you would have on the body if you were to put weights on it. When you do that, you create a greater demand on the muscles, therefore, increasing your muscle density. When you gain muscle you improve your body composition. Because you’ve gained muscle you will also be burning fat.

If you were to do 10 minutes of intense exercises of the vibrational platform you would more rapidly improve your body composition, which is the concept of weight loss in a nutshell.

How Can WBV Benefit Someone With Osteoporosis?

zero gravity

To paint the picture, imagine an astronaut going into outer space. When they go into outer space and they subject their bodies for a prolonged period of time to a reduced gravitational load, relative to earth. We notice some things that usually happen.

  1. Their heart becomes weaker.
  2. Their bone-density decreases.
  3. They lose muscle mass.

So if you can think about that in reverse, when they return to Earth. it is very typical that they will increase their bone density, muscle mass and increase the functions of the body ie. heart. The way that vibration effects bone is two-fold. 

  1. It improves strength to the muscles: when the muscles are stronger, they produce a greater tension on the bones. Bones and muscles communicate. so when that tension is greater the bones response is to become denser in order to better battle against the tension.
  2. Using very low acceleration has shown to increase bone density. It’s not 100% clear yet, it is believed that the actual shaking motion of the platform can improve local circulation within bones to better stimulate bone changes.

Bone and muscle have a very intricate relationship. Increasing muscle in most cases of osteoporosis you will also see an increased density in the bones.

Will WBV Help With Fibromyalgia?

According to the research, YES. There have been several studies done on fibromyalgia.  The studies tend to focus on balance, and quality of life which reflects pain and function. Whole body vibration seems to improve the function of the body and pain perception. it holds great potential to help mitigate some of the common side effects associated with fibromyalgia, notably cronic pain.

Can You Overuse The Vibration Platform?

As with all exercise if you train beyond your capabilities you’re likely to experience soreness. There is always a chance that you can overuse whole body vibration just as there is a possibility to overuse a treadmill, or use weights that are too heavy.

As long as proper form is being used, and you are being conservative at the rate at which you increase your programs there should be no issues with soreness or overuse.

Who Uses Whole Body Vibration?

The beautiful thing about the amazing whole body vibration is that it can be used by ANYONE.

Make no mistake, whole body vibration is NOT a replacement for exercise. People who don’t have time to exercise, not able to exercise or is simply not interested in exercising will love the alternative to exercise which is whole body vibration. It’s fast, effective and safe.

Who Should NOT use Whole Body Vibration?

There are specific individuals who should check with their physician to make sure starting whole body vibration is suitable for them.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • special forms of cancer
  • individual with a pacemaker
  • other major systematic issues where strenuous exercise may “initially” be a problem

Are All Vibration Machines Created Equal?

balance scale

The short answer is No. There are many different types of movements that vibration machines can produce. There are two major types that all various kinds can fall into.

The first type is oscillating or pivotal. The vibrating platform will move in a teeter-totter (back and forth) type of direction.

The second type is linear or vertical where the plate will move up and down.

Both have been proven to be effective. They both have their unique advantages.